For Gen Z, “Corporate Social Responsibility” Is an Oxymoron: Here’s Why That’s an Opportunity

It’s no great mystery why Gen Z may not trust the system. They haven’t grown up in a world, like their parents, where corporate life provided any sense of security.

Chapter 2: Inspired Action Against Inequality & Injustice

First and foremost, Inspired is an impact platform backed by a group of rebellious optimists. From the start, our mission and vision has been clear. We want to be a catalyst, not a company Empower the next generation with the tools and resources they need to make the world a better place – without asking them to donate their money. Create an open, free social impact platform that millions of people can leverage to support important causes – every day of their lives. Ignite a more transparent, sustainable approach to helping those in need – moving away from one-time donations and fundraisers, towards collective, daily action.

We help you create purposeful and profitable relationships with customers through social impact.