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We've made giving easy. See how the new Inspired app lets you spark free donations from your everyday spending.

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Real kids. Real impact.

The donations you spark help fund music and arts education for kids across the country.

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Together, the Inspired Community is changing the lives of children all over America. Follow @Inspired on Instagram to be inspired (😉) and see how we’re coming together to create an everyday cycle of good.

You Spend, We Give

We donate (our money, not yours!) every time you use your linked debit or credit cards. It’s 100% free for you to do good! Seriously.

Change The World, Not Your Life

Just keep living your life and create real impact along the way, no extra work required. The next time you grab an Uber or Venmo your friend, you’ll spark a free donation - it’s that easy.

Create Good, See Good

Track your personal impact and see the power of our whole community as we create change together. You’ll get photos and updates so you can get to know the kids you’re helping!