The Big Idea

Things We Believe In

Music & Arts Have the Power to Change Lives
Every person should have an equal opportunity in life, especially children. That’s why each Inspired purchase helps support music & arts education – to make sure every child finds the inspiration to stay in school.
Collectively We Can Make a Big Difference
You don’t need to have great wealth, to have great power. As part of the Inspired community, the donations from your card combines with everyone else’s to create a huge impact. Together we can change lives and build a better future.
The World Should Do More for Children
We want to disrupt the status quo by helping people pay it forward without sacrificing their lifestyles or paychecks. That’s why Inspired exists; for each transaction you make, Inspired makes a donation on your behalf to children in need.

Putting Power Behind Your Purchases

Inspired Card
Inspired is built on the principle of making giving back more fun, rewarding and effortless. Our mission is to help you help others, so we will *never* charge you fees or bill you, ever. When you swipe your card, we earn a small amount from MasterCard®, which is paid for by the merchant.

Live your life while doing good.


Our Story

It all began with a simple idea: people should be able to give back to those in need just as easily as they’re able to swipe their cards everyday.

We knew it was possible for people to pay a bit extra with every transaction and that difference would go to a charity, but extra fees and certain restrictions made that complicated - we wanted it to feel better than that. And then it hit us; if we could make it completely free for everyone, this could be huge.

So we took matters into our own hands and started reaching out to the community. Quickly, we found out that people and charities were really excited and inspired by our idea! Awesome partners came on board to help us create and issue Inspired cards, and an amazing charity dedicated to education for children,, joined us as well. All of the pieces came together and, suddenly, Inspired was born.

But now the biggest part is up to you – we need your help. Every single day people are swiping their cards to see their friends, pay their bills, go to work, and so much more. In fact, there are over 270 million credit and debit card transactions happening on a daily basis. One cent from each of those would give children’s classrooms $2.7 just one day. So that’s where you come in - let’s make this possibility a reality!

Inspired is giving people a chance to give back every day without asking them to change their lifestyles or even use their own money. For every transaction you make with your free Inspired card, we’ll use our own money to donate not one, but five cents, to an underfunded classroom. On top of that, we’ll get you awesome rewards just to thank you for bringing more good into this world.

It really is that simple. You swipe, we’ll donate, and together, we’ll all help change the lives of children in need.