PRESALE: 3.22.2022

Co/Creator NFT

Founding Membership

The CO/CREATOR NFT is your invitation-only founding membership to our no BS shake-up of the material world. As a founding member, you will be both an architect and beneficiary of our journey forward, helping to decide the people, places and organizations that benefit from our new material world. Here are some of the other perks of your founding membership... lol and they said materialism was trash.
Inspired Apparel
& Products
Co-Branded Collabs
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Limited Edition
Perks & Airdrops
IRL Events
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Seats at the
Decision Table

How Inspired Works

We’re building a collective of thousands of brands and millions of shoppers that are determined to disrupt the status quo. Every purchase made through the Inspired Network creates a sustainable, measurable impact for causes – paid for by brands but chosen by you. And to make things sweeter? Every time you and our community make an impact, you'll also get $ rewards – for free. Why? Because not only do we believe that those who want to make the world a better place shouldn’t have to pay extra – they should be rewarded for it!

Inspired is harnessing the power of web3 technology to reward and inspire our community of members and Co-Creators seamlessly. As a Co-Creator, every purchase made through our Brand Collective is your exclusive opportunity to receive the lion's share of in-network rewards & perks as you unlock free brand-sponsored social impact – and that's only the beginning!


A Side

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Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!
Exclusive IRL Events, priority access to co-branded collabs, Inspired Co-Creator apparel & products, limited edition perks & airdrops plus lots of surprises along the way!
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Co-Creator Vol. 1 Mint
Genesis of our Co-Creator founding membership NFTs
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Real World Impact
Like, actual $$$ unlocked by shoppers and paid by brands.
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New Material World Tour
We’ll announce the first 25 brands & locations of the tour.

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On Repeat
Including more Brands. More Impact. More Rewards. More Perks. More Airdrops…


Mike Fortney
Sr. Front End Engineer
Michael Georgescu
Engineering Manager
Edgar Uaje
Director of Product
John Dickens
Chief Technology Officer
Zaz Zielinski
Chief Creative Officer
Ginger Dixon
Chief of Staff
Steve Ready
Founder & CEO

Open Positions


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Are you planning a green mint?
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How can I get a CO/CREATOR NFT?
Why is Inspired offering an NFT?

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