The Basics

Do Good, Feel Good

Inspired is a revolutionary new way for you to feel as good as the person you are by allowing you to help fund projects for children in need, just by doing the same things you already do everyday. With Inspired, you don’t pay extra fees or even follow any extra guidelines to help do good. Just use your Inspired Debit Mastercard® for the purchases you’re already making, and you’re all set.

Help kids
No fees
Get Started

With Inspired, you don’t need to open a new bank account – Inspired links to any debit card that’s already in your wallet, completely free of charge. Once you easily link the two cards, your Inspired Card will work just like your old debit card, but we’ll donate when you use it and you’ll make real impact.

Link any debit card
No cost to join


How It Works

Inspired is incredibly excited to help children excel in public schools. Each time you use your Inspired Card, we donate directly to your current project, which will be a request for music & arts supplies for children in need. Once a project is 100% funded, our charity partner,, spends our donation funds and delivers the supplies directly to the right teacher’s classroom. You’ll be able to see your personal impact, and we’ll send you updates and good news along the way.

You shop
We donate on your behalf
Charities send supplies
Kids get inspired
We Give on Your Behalf

It’s simple, you use your card and Inspired donates five cents to the cause - without charging you extra. No weird percentages or technicalities to worry about, we donate five cents. Every. Single. Time. Best part: with the Inspired app, you’ll always know exactly what the money is being used for. While Inspired intends to create a donation event with every purchase, donations are not guaranteed at all merchant types.

A nickel every time
To music & arts
Track with app


Sleek and Secure

The front of your card will be a badge of honor, showing everyone that you’re stepping up and working to change the world. With that, the back of your card will securely show your private account number, as well as everything else you need to make online payments. Each Inspired Card includes an electronic chip to help protect you from fraud.

Spend Freely and Get Cash Back In-Store

With a generous $5000 daily purchase limit, you’ll never have to worry about spur-of-the-moment purchases. Additionally, use your Inspired Card at participating merchants to get up to $500 cash back in-store from your account every day.

High daily limit
Get cash back in-store


Full Transparency, Easy Management

See exactly which charitable projects you are supporting with your card through the Inspired app. You’ll see specific requests for music or arts supplies, along with the exact monetary goals needed to buy those supplies. As you use your Inspired Card, you’ll get real-time updates showing your exact purchases, the kids you’re helping, and your personal impact. You’ll never have to wonder what your efforts are going towards. The app will also let you easily unlink and change your linked card, so control is always in your hands.

Mobile app
Real-time alerts
Track purchases


Friendly Support

Have a question? Contact a team member at Inspired Member Services. We’re here to help. Email us at or call us at (800) 205-9347. Visit our Help Center for answers to common questions.

Talk to us
Safe and Secure

Inspired will never share your personal information. Period. Inspired also uses the latest encryption technology and adheres to the highest standards in the banking industry, so that information will always be safe. In the off-chance you ever notice something fishy, you can quickly block your card from the mobile app! Never worry, you’re always covered by the Mastercard Zero Liability Policy*.