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Yes, we are a social impact commerce platform. But when it comes to impacting your brand, we believe consumers should be in the drivers’ seat because they are the ultimate influencers and change makers.

Our Story

A letter from our Founder & CEO

I was invited to help fundraise for another charity golf tournament that was organized by a good friend. Of course, I said, “Yes.” The reality? I had been to a number of these and was becoming increasingly disenchanted with the “rubber chicken” dinners and charity golf tournaments that had become the standard for fundraisers. They seemed inevitable - and everywhere - but they also didn’t spark any inspiration or connection. Effective one-offs, sure, but nothing that could create lasting impact.

But what struck me about his specific vision - on the surface, just another fundraiser in a sea of bland galas and celebrity golf tournaments - was his sharp focus on sustainability. He was looking for something that could provide life-long support to those benefiting. Now this was interesting.

The “way it’s always been done,” I realized, doesn’t track for younger generations either. They look at social impact in a vastly different way. It’s a necessity and an individual responsibility, not something that happens in a function room every month or so. But it’s also something that’s hard work to sustain in a meaningful way. There had to be a better way, then, to stimulate giving. One that’s modern, fun, social – and most importantly, sustainable.

That was the big idea: everyday giving. Everyday social impact. How could we make this happen?


We started by diving in and thinking big. When a younger donor mentioned his need for a “lifestyle-integrated” approach to giving, we pivoted all our energy to meeting that need. And when we started hearing a similar message from brands - excitement for a transparent, personalized, high-touch and ROI-driven approach to social impact - we realized we’d found our niche. 

Consider it: every day, mission-driven charities inspire support from their believers, and great brands inspire their consumers with innovative, new products and services. What would happen if we married them together, gave it a highly social edge, and enabled consumers to interact with their favorite brands through the lens of creating social impact? Soon those questions transformed into a mission, and not long after, Inspired was born.

Stephen Ready
Inspired Founder & CEO

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